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Everybody wants to increase the value of their home. It’s can be challenging to choose the right projects to ensure you’ll get a good return on your investment.

What house upgrades should you choose to get the best bang for your buck?

Maybe you could add a giant landscaping project or an in-ground pool, but those tend to be a bit on the costly side, provide little to no savings, and pools have shown to not hold their value when re-selling homes.

There are, however, a few upgrades you can get which won’t break your bank up front, and should still increase the value of your home by a decent margin.

Let’s take a look at a couple of those home upgrades right now, and see if they might be a good fit for your home.

1. Solar Power Panels

Out of all the potential options for house upgrades, this is the number one choice that can bring your home value.

Many studies show owning solar panels on your home helps increase the value of your home when you go to sell it.

Solar energy can slash your electricity bill which makes your home cost less to operate every month than homes without solar.

Solar panels are all the rage now.

California passed a law in 2018 that requires all new homes being built in 2020 and beyond to have solar power installed on them.

Solar energy is becoming a normal feature in a home, which helps drive down the costs of owning a home while driving up it’s value as a result.

2. Solar Tubes

The cheaper version of a skylight, sun tubes are a great way to get some natural lighting in your house.

Solar tubes use reflective material to spread natural lighting throughout your house from a single funnel-shaped hole in your roof.

They are quite breathtaking, especially at night when letting in the raw moonlight.

Extravagant lighting is all the rage these days and adding some sun tubes to your home will most certainly increase its value at little cost to you.

Solar tubes are also pretty easy to service and repair, should you need to.

For this reason, sun tubes are perhaps the simplest of house upgrades to implement.

3. A Dimmer Switch

This is an incredibly inexpensive upgrade that can add a ton of perceived value to your home.

For some reason, being able to dim the lights in a house makes that house seem twice as fancy.

It might be because it affords you the opportunity to get romantic in any room of the house, or simply because it’s something most people don’t have in their homes.

Either way, the option to customize lighting to your preferences makes this set of house upgrades the most personalized.

To top things off, there is also a large variety of dimmer switch types to choose from according to your lighting needs.

Consult a guide to light switches and dimmers to find out which one would work best for you.

In any case, adding a dimmer switch to your lights can help add a little more feel of  value to your home, and help close that real estate deal.

Dimmer swtiches may be simple but can provide a significant return on your relatively small investment.

House Upgrades that Create Value

Adding value to your home can be tricky.

Splurge too much and you might not see that big of an ROI, spend too little and you might not see an ROI at all.

But when you choose the right house upgrades like the ones mentioned, you stand a better chance of raising your home’s value.

Solar panels and sun tubes are universally loved, and dimmer switches are always a bonus for any prospective homeowner.

President at Jamar Power Systems
Phil Edwards is President of Jamar Power Systems. With over 30 years of electrical contracting experience, his companies have wired over 30,000 housing units, including 1000's of residential solar installations. His company is a member of WECA and BIA.
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