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How much will solar power cost for your home?

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Keep your lights on when the power goes out.

Welcome to our Jamar Power Systems (JPS) website. Since 1984, we’ve provided electrical services to homes, businesses, and home builders. We’ve wired tens of thousands of homes through the years.

Since 2001, we’ve installed solar power systems on thousands of homes, many of those we did for several of the solar power sales companies in our region.

Choose Your Power® – savings with solar or eternal payments to the utility company?

JPS electrical also provides lighting and automation systems for general contractors who build custom homes.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business looking into solar power, or a home builder seeking a reliable electrical and/or solar contractor with tons of experience, Jamar Power Systems is your go-to company.

Over 200 five-star customer reviews!

Solar Panel Installation

Residential | Commercial | Home Builders

Installations & Repairs

We sell and install high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels and inverters.

We also repair every make and model of solar panels and solar inverters.

Our new “Realtime Solar Monitoring & Alert Service” makes sure your solar energy system is working every day and provides remote troubleshooting if your system goes down.

Learn more about solar power systems for your homes or business here.

If you’re a contractor or home builder, see our solar for homebuilders services here.

Learn about California’s new Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 for solar energy systems taking effect April 14, 2023.

Electrical Service

Residential | Commercial | Home Builders

Use these links for more information on our residential electrical, commercial electrical , and home builder services.

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Jamar Power Systems - Santee CA - Mike Mowels at work in Santee office

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