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FREE Solar Analysis

See if solar is right for your home or business with our no-hassle, no obligation, solar analysis.

Take advantage of the extended federal income tax credit for installing a solar energy system.

The Complete Guide To A Solar PPA, Lease, and Buying Solar

Everything you want to know about solar power purchase agreements (PPAs), and buying or leasing solar energy systems.

San Diego Solar Calculator

See how much it would cost to Choose Your Power® and use solar energy to power your San Diego area home.

Find out how much the monthly payment would be on a zero money down solar loan and how that compares to your current electric bill

real-time solar monitoring service in San Diego CA

Solar Monitoring & Alert System

Let our automated service montitor the energy output of your solar panels 24/7 and send alerts when the systems is underpeforming or has gone down.

At just $5 per month, it might be the greatest bargain on the planet!

solar financing options

Solar Financing

There are plenty of financing options for homeowners looking to power their homes with solar energy.

Zero $ down solar financing options let you OWN your energy and still pay less than your current average electric bill!

If you don’t have taxable income and therefore cannot take advantage of the federal tax credits, then a solar lease may be a better option for you.

For businesses, there are financing options available.

Contact us to examine your options to go solar.

solar panel repair technicians working on solar panels on a roof

Solar Panel Repairs

We are certified solar panel repair technicians for all makes and models of solar PV panels, inverters, racking, wiring, etc.

We provide solar energy system repairs for both residential and commercial solar systems.

Check out our $99 electrical service special (includes solar systems).

Solar panels installed on roof of home

Residential Solar Energy Systems

Solar power systems explained from A to Z.

From what a solar panel is to how to analyze if solar is right for your home and family.

Is it better to lease or buy? How does solar financing work?

Can you really buy a system for zero money down and save monthly money right away too?

Find out inside our guide to residential solar power systems.

Learn what to look for in a quality solar panels and inverters with good warranties and more likely to last long enough to pay off as projected.

Choose Your Power

Learn what questions to ask solar contractors. And more…

Commercial Solar Installation by Jamar Power Systems 510px

Commercial Solar Power Systems

Commercial solar systems are very different from residential and out of the league of most solar contractors.

Not so for Jamar Power Systems, we’ve completed hundreds of commercial solar projects and have extensive experience in taking projects to completion.

Commercial financing is available on approved credit and today’s rates make for attractive system return on investment (ROI) possibilities.

Solar for new home builders - Jamar power Systems trucks and warehouse

Solar Installation for Home Builders

If you’re a home builder who needs to outsource solar energy systems installation, Jamar Power Systems is your company.

For over 30 years we’ve provided superior quality electrical and solar energy systems installations for tons of home builders.

We’ve wired tens of thousands of homes and installed solar on thousands more.

Solar Referral Program

Do you have family, friends, and associates who are looking into solar energy for their home or business?

Refer them to us at Jamar Power Systems and we’ll treat them with the same 5-star service we provided you PLUS send you a $250 Amazon Gift Card if they choose us to go solar.

Hit the button for more details and a form to send us their information.

Jamar Power Systems Logo - See our Warranty

Our JPS Solar Warranty

We provide a ten (10) year limited warranty on all solar energy system installations.

Read the terms and conditions of our warranty here.

Videos on Solar Power

Watch these interesting videos on solar panel technology and why we choose the solar PV products we recommend.

Included are videos on buying solar versus leasing.

You can even watch a virtual solar presentation.

Over 200 five-star customer reviews!

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