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$99 Solar Checkup Service

Our Solar Checkup Service includes:

  • Service truck roll out
  • 30 minutes of diagnostic service
  • Inspect main service panel & breakers
  • Inspect inverter connections
  • Inspect compliance with building & fire codes
  • Inspect solar monitoring equipment
  • Inspect shading on solar panels
  • Inspect wiring & connections
  • Solar panel repairs
  • Solar inverter repairs
  • Residential & commercial
  • Open Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm
  • Serving San Diego since 1984
  • Licensed, insured, bonded
  • 200+ five-star customer reviews
$99 solar panel repair service in San Diego CA
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A Solar Repair Company You Can Trust

If something went wrong with your solar energy system, who would you call?

Who’s your solar guy?

A ton of local solar contractors have gone out of business. Who can you trust?

Jamar Power Systems has been providing electrical service to San Diego area homeowners and businesses since 1984.

With well over 200 five-star customer reviews Jamar Power Systems is a proven company you can trust.

We also provide a “Real-time Solar Monitoring & Alert Service” that makes sure your solar energy system is working 24/7.

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San Diego Area Solar Panel Repair Technicians

Jamar Power Systems has been providing licensed electrical and solar contractor services to San Diego area homes, businesses, and home builders since 1984.

Common solar energy system repair calls we receive include:

  • solar monitoring disconnects
  • low energy production
  • no energy production
  • solar panel cracks
  • shattered solar panel glass
  • solar panel back sheet repair
  • solar inverter repairs
  • building code violations

Solar Panel Repair Information

How much does it cost to fix a solar panel?

Manufacturer warranties cover the product cost of replacement solar panels, inverters, monitoring systems, batteries, and mounting hardware for a period of time specified in their written warranties.

The labor cost to repair any of these components is usually not covered by most manufacturer’s warranties.

Your solar installer may have warrantied their installation for a specified period of time. California law requires the contractor to provide a ten-year warranty against defective materials or installation.

Can a broken solar panel be fixed?

In most cases a broken solar panel can be repaired or replaced. Some older solar panels and those whose manufacturer’s have gone out of business and replacements may not be available for replacement or repair.

How often do you need to replace solar panels?

Most quality solar panels should last 25 years or more, depending on the manufacturer.

Most solar panels are warrantied for ten to twenty-five years.

Most solar box-type inverters are warrantied for ten years, while most micro-inverters that are attracted to each solar panels area warrantied for 25 years.

Replacement of solar panels or inverters before their warranty expiration is usually rare.

What to do if solar panels stopped working?

Check your monitoring connection and its WiFi or cellular connection. Turning this system off and on again can sometimes solve the issue of not seeing energy production in your monitoring app.

Check your main electrical service panel to see if the solar circuit breaker has triggered to the off position. If so, reduce household electrical consumption before turning the circuit breaker back on.

If neither of these two tasks solved the issue of your solar energy system not working, the next step is to call your certified solar installer for professional help.

Note that making repairs to a solar energy system can be very dangerous due to electric current. It is important to consult with a licensed solar technician before attempting any repairs yourself.

Common Solar Panel Systems Repairs:

Solar monitoring connection is lost is usulyl due to lost internet connection. Turning the system on and off again usually solves the problem.

Low or no energy production is typical due to a faulty device in the system. This requires on-site testing of all components.

Tripping circuit breakers is a common reason your solar energy system has shut down.

If the house uses too much power at any one time, then circuit breakers can trip for safety reasons.

Check your power consumption, turn off unneeded devices and appliances, and check the circuit breakers for any that have tripped off.

Broken tempered glass – usually from extreme weather like hailstones, lightning, snow pressure, and freak accidents.

External panel and wiring damages due to animals, broken tree branches, and excessive heat or freezing temperatures.

Arc Faults – power discharges between conductors. Arc faults can cause fires. As a result, inverters are built with arc-fault protection that shuts down the system if it detects an arc fault.

Ground Fault Interrupts (GFCI) – if electrical current in the solar energy systems somehow finds a path to the ground it will trigger a ground-fault alert and shut itself down to keep the home and people safe.

Ground faults can happen over time by buildup of moisture in junction boxes, broken panels, and wiring damaged by animals of weather.

Over 200 five-star customer reviews!

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