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Solar Power For Any Business, Anywhere

Whether your business is a massive conglomerate or a small start-up, odds are likely that you can save vast amounts of money on your electric bill with a commercial solar energy system.

The commercial solar panels of today are more capable than ever of making a huge impact on your monthly electric bill, no matter how much sun you get.

The federal tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and positive PR benefits don’t hurt either.

With SDG&E electric rates on the rise and the possibility to claim 30 percent federal income tax credits, doesn’t it make sense to investigate if solar power would work for your business and your property?

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Commercial Solar Energy System Benefits

  • Reduce Demand Charges

    Most businesses with over a 20KW demand pay a premium for their power through demand charges. Demand charges are based on monthly peak averages during various 15-minute periods. An appropriately sized solar system can often reduce these demand charges by around 50%.


  • Reduce Electric Usage Charges

    This is pretty common sense as solar power offsets the power you buy from your electric utility company. You’d be trading high-cost utility power for low-cost solar electric power and saving money.


  • Immediate Tax Savings

    Most businesses would like a tax break. In 2022 Congress increased and extended federal income tax credits for investments in solar energy systems to 30 percent of the total system cost. There’s never been a better time to invest in solar and save money on electricity. Consult your tax professional.


  • Mid-Term Tax Savings

    Depreciate a significant asset at a rapid pace. Businesses are allowed a five (5) year accelerated depreciation at 85% of the cost of the solar system. Businesses pay 100% get a federal income tax credit and are granted an 85% basis of the balance for depreciation purposes. Consult your tax professional.


  • Hedge Against Rising Power Rates

    Investing to reduce a bill increasing with time means the initial investment will have an increasing return on investment or ROI. Typically solar energy systems produce a double-digit annualized ROI. Or in simple terms, expect a three to seven year payback on an asset with a 25 year warranty that keeps saving more money with time.

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Solar Power for Your Business

Solar technology is taking off like never before, and it’s not just for large businesses and homes anymore.

The truth is solar panels are now affordable for most businesses with a building.

Solar power can save money on utilities expense and provide a significant return on investment (ROI).

As a business owner, you might think solar panels for commercial buildings are more of a PR move than an actual smart investment, but it’s time to change that line of thinking and look at the numbers.

If you’d like to save on utilities expense, hedge against inflation, take advantage of tax credits, accelerated depreciation benefits and more, then open yourself up to the idea that solar energy may be a very useful and profitable financial investment for your company.

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Solar Locks in Electricity Prices 

One of the best things about using solar panels for energy is that the price of operating them remains the same.

Solar panels can provide you a consistent supply of energy for the same reliable price (increasing ever so slightly due to degradation), rather than the constantly rising prices of electric companies.

Average electric utility prices can rise rapidly depending on a variety of factors, and this can create some unpredictability in your budget.

With the steadily rising cost of utility bills in commercial spaces and office spaces everywhere, there’s a reason why solar panel systems are trending for business small and large now.

It generally takes less than seven years to pay off most commercial solar energy systems. 

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JPS Solar Repair Technicians

We’re highly experienced in repairing all makes and models of commercial solar equipment including PV panels, inverters, monitoring systems, etc.

Do you need troubleshooting to find out why your solar system isn’t performing as it should?

Contact the experienced solar energy systems professionals at Jamar Power Systems.

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