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 If you live in San Diego County, California, chances are pretty good you’ll experience a massive electric bill increase in the near future.

As it turns out, over 9 million electricity consumers in California are poised to see a sudden increase in electric bill costs, with the new mandate affecting solar power users as well as those without solar.

To understand who precisely this new rate hike will affect and how it will work, let’s dive into the details of the SDGE rate increase for a bit more clarity.

“My Electric Bill Doubled in One Month”

You could soon find yourself muttering this phrase as you stare dumbfounded at your unusually high electric bill. That is if you’re among the biggest users of electricity in the state.

This SDGE rate increase won’t affect those with low income and those who don’t use a lot of electricity.

However, because the new mandate divides into significant tiers of electric users, those in the top tier will be hit the hardest.

Top tier residential users can expect to see a 71% increase in their average monthly bill.This increase translates to around a $75 increase per month.

Industrial and agricultural users, as well as commercial users, will see rate hikes of 50%.

Solar is Also Affected

If you’re a solar user, you can also expect a SDG&E rate increase, but chances are you’ll be in one of the lowest tiers and thus won’t see a significant increase on your bill.

With the new solar mandate dictating that every new home being built in California must have solar panels, this rate hike might not have the negative impact on big users that it’s expected to.

In fact, the timing seems almost convenient for those looking to escape the vast rates electric some major companies will be charging.

Solar panel installation in San Diego have already seen a big upswing in consumer interest.

This is keeping in line with a trend toward renewable energy for California as well because the state is striving to derive at least 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by the year 2030.

Efficiency, Usage, & Solar

So the way it breaks down is, San Diego homeowners will have to be more conscious about daily electricity use.

Look at replacing old appliances when they break down with new energy-efficient ones that can help trim the monthly utility bills.

LED lights, attic insulation, high-efficiency dishwashers, washing machines, windows, air-conditioners, and more can all help reduce electric load.

Residential solar power can save most homeowners a lot of money in the long run because it provides much lower-cost electricity than SDG&E rates.

Take a look at getting a FREE solar analysis to see if solar might be the answer to your electricity needs. 

President at Jamar Power Systems
Phil Edwards is President of Jamar Power Systems. With over 30 years of electrical contracting experience, his companies have wired over 30,000 housing units, including 1000's of residential solar installations. His company is a member of WECA and BIA.