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Discover the Wiser Energy Difference!

Would you like better control of your home’s energy use and appliances?

See what’s costing you money, adjust, and save electricity and money $$$

Find out what devices and appliances in your home are using the most electricity and costing you money.

Gain control and be able to manage those systems better. Learn which ones to use during utility company off-peak hours to save you money.

Monitor, Adjust, and Control Electrical Appliances

The SenseThe “Sense Energy Monitoring App” details all of the electrical devices and appliances in your home and lets you see what’s being used and when.

Discover when devices are turned on and off in your home anytime you want or need, 24/7.

Safety & Security

Get notified when things like your garage door opens, the curling iron is plugged in, or when the clothes dryer, air conditioning, and even your swimming pool pump turns on or off, etc.

Monitor Your Solar Energy System

See how much energy your solar power system is producing. Know in real-time if you’re earning utility company credits through net-metering, if you’re producing more than you need and can use additional appliances right now.

Be able to estimate your monthly energy bills and compare previous months and trends.

Smart Home Integration

Integrates with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, Wemo Insight, Kasa smart-plugs and more. Many of which can allow you to control some appliances right from the app.

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President at Jamar Power Systems
Phil Edwards is President of Jamar Power Systems. With over 30 years of electrical contracting experience, his companies have wired over 30,000 housing units, including 1000's of residential solar installations. His company is a member of WECA and BIA.