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Enphase Energized Solaria PowerXT-AC Module

If you already own a solar power system with Enphase microinverters on each panel, then you have three amazing upgrade opportunities available to you for a limited time.

Would you like MORE power from your solar energy system without changing solar panels or requiring permits?

Or maybe you wish you had better looking solar panels or less of them on your roof?

Want to 10x the reliability of your solar power system and get a new 25 year product warranty?

All of those options may now available to you at an amazing 50% OFF for a limited time by Enphase Energy.

If your solar power system is using early editions of Enphase Energy’s microinverters then you may qualify for two amazing 50% OFF upgrade offers available exclusively for their early adopters.

Three Enphase Energy Early Adopter Upgrade Options:

1. Microinverters Only (50% DISCOUNT)

  • Upgrade to the latest inverter technology Enphase IQ 7-PD with 97% efficiency
  • Compatible with your existing solar panels
  • 10x more reliable
  • Improves efficiency to create more power
  • View & track usage, solar energy, and utility power used
  • Storage-ready if you add solar batteries in the future
  • No permits needed
  • 25 year product warranty
  • Two-year service warranty

2. Full system upgrade (50% DISCOUNT)

Keep same power output & reduce solar panels (due to greater efficiency) OR keep the same # of solar panels and get a higher power output (if electrical system permits).

3. Skip this Early Adopter’s Special Offer Upgrade but get notified of any future upgrade offer

Contact us and we’ll put you on Enphase’s Upgrade mailing list and you’ll be one of the first to know when another upgrade or special offer is available.

To learn more and see if your system qualifies, contact us at (619) 448-7770 or send a message here.

President at Jamar Power Systems
Phil Edwards is President of Jamar Power Systems. With over 30 years of electrical contracting experience, his companies have wired over 30,000 housing units, including 1000's of residential solar installations. His company is a member of WECA and BIA.