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When you think about solar power, solar panels are definitely what comes to mind but what does solar PV mean?

Solar PV is an abbreviation of solar photovoltaic. The word photovoltaic combines the words for light (photo) and electric power (voltaic). 

Solar PV is the basic physical process where solar electric converts sunlight into electricity.

Fun fact, in less than one hour, the sun actually radiates enough solar energy to cover all human’s energy needs for an entire year.


1) Solar PV Saves You Money in the Long Term

And we are not even talking about the long, long term. Instead, most solar systems offer immediate monthly savings if financed, and pay for themselves within five or six years if paid for in cash.

Most quality solar PV panels have product and power warranties of 25 years, while some offer 10 years on product and 25 on power.

These warranties help make the decision on going solar just simple math; is there savings or not because of your bill being too low, too much shade on your roof or it’s facing the wrong way, or you can’t fit enough panels, etc.)

2) Easy to Install and Maintain

One of the main reasons people choose to install Solar PV systems is that installation is quick and easy.

They can be installed on nearly any roof or surface, basically, anywhere they can fit. Your technician will help you find the best orientation and placement on your property for maximum efficiency.

Once installed, they need little annual maintenance which is why they are considered as one of the best home upgrades.

3) Effective in Any Location

With today’s technology, solar panels are more sensitive than ever. Of course, the best place to install them is facing south and where’s there’s plenty of sunshine. Shade is bad.

You can even use a PV calculator to get a very rough estimate your energy needs and how many of what type of solar panels you might need to estimate the cost.

4) Moving Towards the Future

California is leading the way in the U.S. and upgrading their energy networks into smart systems.

These smart systems will distribute energy more efficiently and reduce waste.

Solar energy plays a major role in the energy role for your home, our state, our country, and the planet.

Photovoltaic Solar Power: Today’s Simple Answer

There are so many reasons to reasons to invest in solar energy as a homeowner.
The technology is here right now, and it’s cheaper than ever, easy to install, and helps work towards a cleaner, healthier environment.

So if you think solar PV panels are a good idea for your home, contact one of our expert technicians today who can help you assess your home energy needs to find the best system for you.

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