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Wholesale Solar Installations for New Home Builders

New Home Solar Installations

Are you a San Diego or Riverside County home builder / general contractor seeking to outsource all or part of the design, permitting, installation, and interconnection of one or more solar energy systems?

Jamar Power Systems can help. We’ve got nearly twenty years experience installing solar power systems for home builders on projects both large and small. You sell and we’ll do the rest for you.

We’ve installed solar power systems on thousands of new homes built in San Diego and Riverside Counties over the years. If experience matters to your company, JPS leads the pack.

We provide a wholesale price to you, and you get to mark it up and add margins for your company.

We install both rooftop and ground mounted solar power systems.

Since 1984 we’ve been providing superior quality electrical service to San Diego County.

In 2001 we added solar energy systems to our offerings and expanded into Riverside County where we’ve worked with scores of home builders over the last twenty-plus years installing both electrical and solar power systems..

Our turnkey solar installation services takes care of everything for you:

  • site inspection
  • shade study
  • design
  • engineering
  • permitting
  • materials
  • installation
  • utility interconnection
  • operation
  • monitoring
  • maintenance & repairs

Jamar Power Systems are long-standing and active members of Building Industry Association (BIA) and the Western Electrical Contractor’s Asdsociation (WECA)

Our Solar Power Installation Capabilities

Our Jamar Power Systems design team will perform site surveys, layout systems, verify the existing electrical system, offer financing, and perform all design, permitting, installation, and utility interconnection duties.

We have direct manufacturer relationships as well as distribution connections to procure any component needed at below market pricing.

Our 7000 sq. ft. warehouse and full-time shipping and receiving personnel are included with our service. This allows a safe and secure place to store your solar panels, racking, and inverters prior to installation.

Our seasoned project managers are ready to help ensure your project runs smoothly and is completed on time and within budget.

We work closely with client sales and management staff to assist in a seamless installation experience.

Our crew of certified electricians and solar installers are familiar with all types of racking systems, solar panels, and inverters.

Our installers are so fast and perform at such a high level of quality that several of our clients have decided to not maintain an installation crew.

Need maintenance services? From panel cleaning to troubleshooting, inspection and testing services, our experienced technicians are ready to deploy.

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (619) 448-7770.

new homes being built need solar power

Wholesale Solar Energy Installers for Home Builders

CA HOME BUILDER UPDATE: New Homes in CA Must Include Solar Energy System.

On December 6, 2018 the CA Building Standards Commission voted 8-0 to pass the new 2019 Building Energy Standards which requires solar energy systems be built on all new single-family homes and multi-family homes three stories or less built beginning January 1, 2020 and beyond.

California became the first state in the nation to require solar energy be built on all new homes. It’s another milestone move toward the states ultimate declared goal of net zero energy use homes to reduce pollution and the health crisis it causes.

The solar power system must be designed to meet the annual electric demands fo the entire home. This includes trading electricity with the utility company through net metering.

At the end of the year total usage based on projected usage should be “net zero,” meaning the home produced as much as its occupants used, or more accurately it’s a combination of the amounts solar electricity produced and consumed, and the utility credits produced and consumed.

The new standards also include incentives for homes to add battery storage to their solar electric system.

Exemptions to the law are permitted for new homes that are, or will be, mostly shaded from the sun and that shade cannot be reduced or eliminated.

In an effort to improve indoor air quality the new standards also include updated thermal envelope and ventilation requirements for residential and non-residential, and new lighting requirements for non-residential buildings.

While this certainly adds cost and complexity to building and for the consumer, it also comes at a time when the consumer is ready, accepting, and desiring of solar power to reduce their dependence on ever-rising electric utility rates.

Many studies show that homeowners are willing to pay a premium for a home with solar energy system. On average that premium has been $15k for a home with an average size solar array. A home with a new 5k solar power system sold for nearly 40k more on average.

Homebuilders can include both solar lease and purchase options on new home sales with solar energy systems.

Jamar Power Systems works with many home builders and has installed solar power systems on thousands of homes and businesses. We have over 30 years history of working with builders and contractors on both small and large scale projects.

solar panels installed on new homes being built

We’ve got over 100 five-star customer reviews on SolarReviews, Yelp, Google, BBB, etc.

We’re long standing members of the Building Industry Association and WECA.

We use only high quality solar manufacturers equipment.

Jamar Power Systems provides superior quality solar equipment and installation at competitive pricing. Solar equipment manufacturers we have often used are:

  • Enphase micro-inverters
  • SolarEdge inverters
  • LG solar panels
  • Panasonic solar panels
  • and more…






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